Bad news about Hect...

Bad news about Hector Bellerin  


Admin Martin
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19/06/2019 10:59 pm  

Seems Hector Bellerin will miss the opening weeks of the season.

We have been without him since January following a knee injury

The word was that he would be out for between six to nine months and it appears it will be close to the nine-month mark

Basically, we won't see him back until September till the earliest which makes the right back spot a big issue for us.

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20/06/2019 7:06 am  

Is it that big an issue? We'll use AMN with Jenks as back up. Obviously not ideal but a temporary fix.

We can't afford to spend some of our budget on a position that will be covered for the majority of the season. 

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jon fox
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21/06/2019 1:21 pm  

Your comment shows that YOU consider Bellerin a good full back. I disagree, as full backs who can ONLY attack and NOT properly defend are  virtually useless , IMO.

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22/06/2019 4:39 am  

@sergio I think AMN did a good job as a right back if you consider that he was played out of position. But if he is judged as a right back without considering him being played out of position I think he had some fantastic games, some really bad ones and his rating overall is to me only ok.

To me AMN should not be played as a right back other than in an emergency. This means we are completely out of right backs, because I do not count Jenkinson as a valid option at all. And I agree with @jon-fox regarding Bellerins defensive capabilities. I would keep Bellerin but look for a first choice alternative and keep Bellerin as backup/rotation. Then look to sell him next season/transfer window.

Right back is therefor a must fix area. Another must fix area is backup keeper. Right now we only have Leno. Martinez who I personally rate as a backup keeper has said he wants first team football and might not be an option.

And to think we need to fix these two positions first before even thinking about a CB is depressing since we desperately need a at least one CB. 



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