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Perfect player for Arsenal that could do both Ramsey and Ozil jobs  


Admin Martin
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09/06/2019 10:56 pm  

Arsenal needs a lot of positions sorting out this summer, for starters, we need to find a replacement for Aaron Ramsey and secondly, we certainly need a player that can do a better job than what Mesut Ozil has been doing.

Now imagine if we could get a player that could do both jobs, that knows the Arsenal way and culture, that has experience playing in the Champions League and has scored goals in one of Europe's top domestic leagues.

Now, that would be a nice player to have right? well, what if he was also just a teenager that costs nothing and has a very low wage in comparison to almost every single player that we have been linked with, if not every single player.

A player like that, with all those attributes, is certainly someone we must do everything in our power to add to our squad.

Well, we already have a player like that on our books and that is young Reiss Nelson.

The 19-year-old was on loan last season with Hoffenheim who finished ninth in the Bundesliga, he scored seven goals from just 19 league appearances and played in five Champions League matches.

He possesses lightning pace, something that both Aaron Ramsey and Mesut Ozil especially lack, he does not wander around when he loses the ball but battles to get it back and he is very versatile, he can effectively play on the wing or through the centre.

This is a young player with Champions League experience, that has played in a top European league, that has a nose for goal and from what I can see is just as good, if not better, than most of the players we are being targeted with, he costs nothing and his wages are low, what else could we ask for?

For me, it is a no brainer, Reiss Nelson should be promoted to the first team and be considered a first team starter.

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Gunner Pete
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10/06/2019 12:17 am  

I agree 100% it is bloody frustrating that Arsenal does not give the youth players more of a chance.

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10/06/2019 6:48 pm  

"we certainly need a player that can do a better job than what Mesut Ozil has been doing."


You mean, a player who makes more passes per game than Auba, Laca, Ramsey, Iwobi, Mkhi... Basically the most from our attacking players.


Or should we sell Auba as well for not being able to defend? Both he and Ozil approx 0.5 tackles per 90 mins, if it isn't good enough for one attacker then why is it good enough for the other attacker... Unless name comes into play?


For all the moaning about Ozil, he knows how to be an asset when it is changing from def to attack, he is the one who gets himself into good positions (usually followed by idiots claiming he isn't tracking back and acting like a CB), he can receive the ball and move it forward.


Nelson would do well to learn some of those aspects, being in the right place to receive the ball and then drive forward to make something happen...


I fear people like Martin will demand Nelson to turn into a fullback or CB with the amount of defending they must do... And it'll never be enough as you do not win games by defending 100% of the time. You need to score and to do that... you need to attack.

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10/06/2019 10:40 pm  

It seems that every time Ozil is defended, people have to bring up a new stat about him to make him look good. First, his assist count suffered, but "chances created!". Then his chances created stats went way down, "but look how many passes he makes!" Arteta also made a crap ton of passes and he was an above average player at best. For 350k a week, being a good (not even amazing) passer doesn't cut it. Not even close. Raise your standards and stop making excuses for poor players. And no, not everything is Ozil's fault, but he is part of the problem. Don't give a crap about him not tracking back, as an attacker, he is POOR.


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