When will we sign Z...

When will we sign Zaha?  


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01/08/2019 10:24 pm  

I really don't understand, why we haven't signed Zaha already. A high quality winger, who in public has claimed,  that he really wants to shine at Arsenal at the highest level. Zaha is IMO a wonderful quick, dynamic player.  Pepe is a good signing, but he will probably have some time to adapt PL. Zaha can deliver form day one. It's beyond me, how we can risk to let him go.
When will we sign Zaha?

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09/08/2019 7:02 am  

I did not want for us to sign Zaha personally, but I must admit that I started to hope for that in the end. Especially when news of Iwobi leaving surfaced. On the other hand, with Iwobi leaving, and Zaha not coming, it must mean that players like Martinelli and Nelson will see more game time which I personally like.


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