Is Arsenal playing ...

Is Arsenal playing a shrewd game or are they amateurs in transfer negotiations?  


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03/07/2019 4:47 am  

Arsenal bid £40 Million for Zaha, Palace want £100 Million

Arsenal bid £50 Million for Harry Maguire AFTER Man Utd had a £70 Million bid rejected

Arsenal first bid for Kieran Tierney was £15 Million, Celtic want £25 Million

Is Arsenal playing as shrewd game starting low to drag the final price down or are they acting like a bunch of amateurs

Is Arsenal playing a shrewd game or are they amateurs in transfer negotiations?

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  • Playing a shrewd game (27%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 56

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03/07/2019 10:38 am  

Martin,I firmly believe that there is a bit of both going on here,I don't believe anybody is stupid enough to believe they will  get a player under these circumstances, however I do believe that the current people running this club think that they are being shrewd and that it is okay to make your club look like amateurs in the transfer Market.

Our club once had the reputation of having the best reputation for the way in which they conducted their business,with the likes of Ken Friar and David Dein pulling all the strings,We are currently becoming a laughing stock, and the current regime would do well to to take a leaf out of these two club legends book.               

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03/07/2019 12:46 pm  

Absolutely spot on Tommogun58.

If we now look at the present regime, who I have too add, were brought in to solve all these transfer/salaries/contract problems, we have to realize that they are now working under an owner, who has given them a set amount of money to compete with the "big boys" which is impossible to do.

The club is still looking at top names, but with impossible finances to secure such players. The sooner they, and us the fans, realize this, the more reality will step in and we won't be putting ourselves in the firing line for such ridicule.

Mind you, have we EVER really gone head to head with those "big boys"? I don't think so, we just faded, gracefully and with our prestige secured, into the background, as the names that Arsene wenger tried to sign come to light!!


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