Messi or Ronaldo,  


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28/06/2019 10:34 am  

Apparently Arsene Wenger was close to signing Messi at one point, I would like to ask forumers which of these two they regard as the best in the world of these two.

Personally I tend to go with Ronaldo purely on the stat that he has played in the premier league and won honours here in what is widely regarded as the most competitive league in the world, Messi is a great player but I think this one fact puts Ronaldo above him.

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29/06/2019 7:01 pm  

Ronaldo. The past 4-5 years he has proven this. Either way, just happy to live in an era where we can see two once-in-a-century players dominate. 

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29/06/2019 10:04 pm  

tommogun58, for meit has to be Messi and here's the reasons why.

1. Always a team player, never the exhibitionist.

2. Loyal to the club that brought him to the world's attention.

3. An Argentinian who played the game of football without diving, fouling and acting like an animal on the field.

4. An icon who acts and behaves in a humble way (at least in the media).

To think our club were connected with both players!!


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