The absolute minimum that Unai Emery must do or face the sack  


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Every Arsenal fan will have a different opinion on what is the absolute minimum expected from Unai Emery next season, some will expect simply finishing in the top four, some will say winning a trophy and no doubt some will say finishing above Tottenham but the chances are that the majority will agree there is a bottom line and anything below that should result in a change of manager.

I will not profess to speak for all Arsenal fans on this subject but what I will do is give an educated guess at what I feel the majority will find acceptable and keep Emery in his job.

I feel that progress on last season is the priority expectation and by that, I mean a defence that lets in fewer goals, far more points on the road and of course, qualification for the Champions League.

I do not feel it is an overriding expectation to challenge for the title, we are a realistic bunch and know our limitations at this stage but it is unacceptable if we do not at least close the gap.

I also do not think we care too much about winning silverware, of course, it would be nice to lift an FA Cup but the brutal truth is that now takes a distant second place to qualifying for the Champions League.

It would be very nice to finish above Tottenham but I do not feel it is anywhere near a sackable offence if we do not as long as we achieve our own goals.

To conclude, if Emery fails to show sufficient progress on last season and does not get us into the Champions League then I feel his position would become untenable and for the avoidance of doubt if Arsenal finished tenth and won the Europa League I would call for his removal because that is not sufficient progress.

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When Arsene Wenger arrived at Arsenal there were some like Alex Ferguson and his friend Mike  Riley  knew what to expect but 'kept mum'. The  vast majority of English footy fans had no idea, being snugly wrapped  in the belief that football outside England is inferior and therefore of no interest.

At the start of Arsene Wenger's first summer break we  were alerted to the fact that 'more changes ' were on the way, changes for the better. Though most of us could not have imagined just how better we were confident that our 'new season hopes' were this time well founded.

At the end of June 2018 its Au revoir Arsene and 'Ola Unai' and we knew our Unai. It wans't a case of 'Unai who?' We new his record the optimistic among us had reasons to be optimistic. Unlike Arsene he did not come to us as an 'unknown'. We knew the man.


We are in Unai's first summer break. There are  virtual 1001 opinions about Unia's first season. As to the next season as usual 'hope springs eternal for the next season but in contrast to Arsene Wenger's first summer break  we have no idea what to expect.

Anyone's guess is as good as anyone's.





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For me it is simple and that is that if you miss out on two seasons of Champions League football you have to go.


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