Unai Emery must get his own way as he pursues transfer target  


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08/06/2019 8:36 am  

It is being reported today that Arsenal manager Unai Emery is determined to sign one of his transfer targets despite the player in question being his choice as opposed to that of the club.

Apparently, Emery wants to sign Lyon striker Moussa Dembele and according to Journalist Duncan Castles the pursuit of Dembele is ‘driven by Unai Emery rather than the club’.

Now, for context, this is what Castles specifically said: “Arsenal’s interest is intriguing, as I’m told it’s driven by Unai Emery rather than the club,” he told The Transfer Window podcast.

“Emery sees Dembele as an option should one of their lead strikers be sold this summer.

“And we’ve seen some talk that China has an interest in Aubameyang again, as they have done in the past.

“That could be a lucrative deal for Aubameyang, a lucrative deal for Arsenal, in which case they could reinvest some of the money in Dembele and put some of Aubameyang’s very high wages elsewhere in the team.”

However, Castles is not necessarily the most reliable source as this article on One Football highlighted.

But what was said or what is credible etc. is not the focus of this article for me, it is more about Unai Emery getting his way.

I understand that clubs now have transfer committees, men in suits that make the decision but if the manager, the person that picks the team, chooses the formation, determines the strategy cannot have the players he wants then there is trouble ahead.

You cannot push certain players onto a manager and then whine when it goes wrong and neither can you deny a manager a player of his choosing and then expect a cabinet full of silverware.

Emery, for a large part, inherited this squad and he must be allowed to rebuild it in his own image, if not, why even have a manager?

Of course, a manager, any manager, cannot just turn around and say get me Messi and expect to get his own way, it must be reasonable and in line with the clubs policy because not to do so is also a recipe for disaster.

Just look at what happened with Jose Mourinho at Manchester United when he was refused certain players for certain positions, that did not end well did it?

If Emery wants Dembele and it fits with the clubs transfer policy then he must be allowed to follow through with his pursuit of the young man, to do otherwise will create a problem we just do not need.

This article was originally posted on Just Arsenal

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10/06/2019 12:19 am  

Duncan Castles is a hack he reminds me of the likes of John Cross, they all full of crap

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11/06/2019 2:47 pm  

It is sad that we have to consider selling our best players due to the long list of issues that requires attention. 

Now I know what Southampton feels like. 

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11/06/2019 3:47 pm  

I agree that it makes little sense for a club to buy a player not sanctioned by the manager.  In fact, IMO the manager should have a veto on any purchase.  If the above is true, it highlights further the mess Arsenal are in when it comes to there management structure.


After Wenger left, it emrged Wenger didn't want Xhaka or Mustafi and supposedly didn't want to sign Ozil to this crazy contract.  Now, if this is true it would be madmess IMO. But it would not be somthing that was not believable.  Even the way we managed the Sven situation reeks of chaos.


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