We must trust Vinai Venkatesham and Raul Sanllehi but fans lack confidence  


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06/06/2019 10:33 am  

I wrote an article on the main JustArsenal website and said the fans must trust Vinai Venkatesham and Raul Sanllehi but that did not seem a popular view.

I do not see why not, these two are not to blame for the mess we are in and they are directly responsible now to get it right and if we don't trust them then I have to say, all is lost because if we undermine them then how can we expect them to succeed in turning the club around?

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06/06/2019 12:17 pm  

I trust them for now,they are in their infancy as a team but yes lets see what happens, the Auba threat will be a testing time for them and its an interesting situation for them, interesting to see how they handle that one.

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06/06/2019 1:29 pm  

Agreed, the Auba situation is critical, they need to get that one right

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07/06/2019 8:51 am  

I personally feel that we are going in the right direction. Now it depends on this summers transfers to me. But I never expected miracles during our first season with a new manager. Obviously Emery and the club need some time to make changes and see the result of those changes. I have faith in the management until proven otherwise.

Change does not happen instantly for the most parts. Takes some time and patience to see it through. 



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