England fans bad si...

England fans bad side re-emerges.  


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06/06/2019 10:34 am  

just seen some footage of England fans in Porto clashing with Portuguese police, why do these so called fans keep on giving us a bad name,I presume it was triggered by a trivial thing or a group of thugs that have gone out to stir up trouble,one bloke is seen being cocky and looking at the camera while goading Police into a confrontation,what a" TWAT", I have no sympathy for them as the Police waded into them with batons and several of them wheeling away with injuries. I am sure they will be saying the police started it( as per usual.) Yawn.

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06/06/2019 10:38 am  

On the face of it, it does look bad I agree but I suggest we wait for a little to find out exactly what has happened.

I have been to away games in places like Spain, Italy and Portugal, even Malta and I can tell you, the Police in those players can be right arseholes and provoke the hell out of the fans with their tactics.

But yes, looking at those pictures at face value it does not look good at all


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